SAR advice

Greetings Everyone,

I am looking at writing a paper on search and rescue at sea. I am quite familiar with the IAMSAR Vol3 for use by marine stations and the procedure for establishing a datum in conventional MOB situations such as instant action and a delayed MOB.

However I am struggling to figure out how to calculate a datum in a missing persons scenario.
" Cook has not turned up for work, crew reports he was last seen at 22:00 lastnight"

I believe that a track line search would be appropriate. But what position do I use as a datum?
Is it a case of apply set and drift to the vessels 22:00 position and plot a course towards it?

I understand that a coast station would most likely take OSC of the operation, but If it was just one vessel how would this be done?


Maybe try looking through the USCG Commandant Instructions. There is some stuff on SAR in the small boat ops manual. Maybe the air manual? Not sure if the SAR station manual is in there.

Found this one too. Bangladeshi SAR manual. Look up “datum” in the search bar.

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