Sandy hook?

I’m currently attending a maritime academy and someone mentioned I should look into sandy hook pilots. I looked online but it doesn’t give much insight into what the training program is like other than that it is 5 and a half years.

What is the pay like (if any) while you are in training?
What is the pay for the 7 years you are a deputy pilot?
What kind of work schedules do pilots have while in training/deputy/pilot phases.

12 years seems like a long time until you become a full pilot, but it sounds well worth the wait. Any help with my questions would be greatly appreciated.

Its extremely hard to get in. I think the apprenticeship opens up every odd numbered year or something like that, and its very competitive. There is an age restriction too, I believe 27 or 28. The pay is not great at first but it is well worth it in the end. They do have a website with all the info you would need about application periods, pay etc. Not sure what it is tho, im on my phone and I looked into it a few years ago when I was already past the age cut off.

And it helps to be connected. Either by birth, acadamia, or friends.

Yes, I have seen the website. But it does not answer my questions regarding pay and work schedule.

As I recall, the pay for apprentices is minimum wage. $70-80/day as an apprentice told me. But it only gets better from there. I would wager that the guys and girls in the wheelhouse get paid a little better, but I don’t know. They do a week decking on station, a week riding with the big boys, and a week studying. I don’t think they get a week off since they are home for the two weeks not on station. Once you break out from apprenticeship you would get increasing shares as time progressed until you eventually reach the pay scale that the media likes to villify. Hope this helps.