Salted Newbie

Didn’t see a new member’s section, so thought I’d introduce myself here. I’m a West Coast sailor who’s been in the industry for ten years. Got my start in the GOM on utility boats, went deep draft, and currently sail as AB Tankerman on an ATB unit. Looking forward to spending a little time on the site- it’s pretty good. :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, Deck Ape! Good to have you aboard.

Thanks, DougPine:)

Hey deck ape , west coaster here as well…Welcome aboard…

I’m a newby too, pretty much.

It sounds like you have much to contribute. This is a great place to exchange information.

“Deck Ape”…lord, I hope I never have to put THAT on a resume again!:smiley:

Again, welcome. There’s a wealth of information here. Put in more than you take out. That’s how you save.