Sahara Dust Plume May Temporarily Damp Down Atlantic Hurricanes

The dust should also bring drier air which has the benefit that tropical storms and hurricanes in this already busy hurricane season may be temporarily less active while the plume is around.

The concept of blowing out hurricanes using nukes suggested by the president seems to have fallen out of favor. Did we just stumble on a solution? How about blowing sand up in the air in the Sahara using huge fans when hurricane conditions develop? At this end, when the sand falls back to the ground, we could collect it and dump it on our beaches and bingo, our beach erosion problems are solved.
This is our president’s big chance to claim the Nobel prize he’s been yearning for.

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I would not publicly write about this…
…the Sahara lawyers will bill you for the loss of their dust.

Here, the dust can be seen on its Atlantic crossing, there is enough to come still over the Sahara:;-50.3;3&l=dust


No problem. All we have to do is dominate them.

Particulates < 10 microns in size.

Maybe Trump can buy the desert, he might think it is a casino. Oh, wait, he probably has some bad memories about casinos. His were the only ones in history where the house lost.