S.E.M.S. Training

My company has in informed all of it’s vessel employees that BOEMRE, formerly MMS has handed down a government mandate of a new set of “requirements” & training (S.E.M.S.) to be satisfied by ALL mariners in the Gulf of Mexico OSV industry. Its a long list of classes, some of which must be done annually, some every 2 years. Has anyone who is working for other companies heard about this requirement? I have not heard about ANYONE talking about this other than the people in our office. I feel they may not be forthcoming concerning this requirement, telling us it is required by all, just so we will not seek employment elsewhere. Any input is appreciated.

Hasn’t BOEMRE already changed its name? Remember, offshore regulations are now “dynamic”, at least according to the current administration.

Here is an article that I found: http://www.offshore-mag.com/index/article-display/0440624828/articles/offshore/volume-71/issue-4/deepwater-horizon-aftermath/boemres-sems-requirements-to-have-long-ripple-effects.html

Why would you want to seek other employment just because your outfit is instituting a safety management system? Whether it’s mandated by law or not you’ll be better off for it. A safety management system that meets or approaches the IMO’s definition (ISM) of a system makes levels the field for us all, everyone has skin in the game, not just those of us on the boats or rigs. Everyone from the top down will have accountability and responsibility written out in black and white. It can’t be ignored or swept under the carpet since its audited by an outside agency (ABS in my case) and the certification is necessary to operate, without the cert, no work. It’ll make your job safer. It creates a set of checks and balances and allows input from everyone. If it’s anything like earning a Safety Management Certificate it’s a good thing.
Any training you’d be required is likely to be paid for by your company. I have to renew certain certs every 2 years (First Aid, Haz-Mat, CPR, etc) and ongoing training is a good thing.
Just my 2 cents.

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