Rust Stain Removal

Working a tug with white exterior pushing DRI. The dust gets bad and some of the rust spots on the white do so as well. Ive tried Whink Rust Stain remover and West Marine brand which seem okay, but they don’t seem to get it all. CLR seems to leave residue on other colors. Ospho seems good but compromises other colors as well. Any other suggestions for the really tough rust stains?

Muriatic acid, carefully, depending on the paint type.

Al-Bright somewhat less carefully, again depending on the paint type.

Both of them will fuck your wheelhouse windows if you’re not watching your deckhands closely.


Be like any good deckhand and just paint over…Ospho does the trick on our boat with dilution and application via sprayer


God, don’t listen to the above don’t let anyone use Muriatic acid or anything close to it.
Not only will it destroy the paint finish and make it harder to keep clean (by etching) but it can eat a hole in your deck also.
Ospho or rust dissolve in a pump sprayer mix 1/2 H2O works just fine. Try scrubbing after applying it, too.
Make sure to wash down well and don’t let it dry on. Will leave permanent white streaks and cause expedited corrosion if so.
Best to do Ospho on an overcast day and when not in a rush.


Metal Brite is good stuff.

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Paint the boat red instead of white


Second vote for Metal Brite. But do it on a cloudy day and wash it off quick with a ton of water.

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Rust Away from Hocking International keeps the rust stains off a sea of white in the PNW.

Whatever product is used I can not reiterate enough the need to take care in its use. It will discolor and leave white stains on the sides of the ship if not rinsed properly. Nothing like spending several hundred thousand dollars for a paint job in the shipyard and have it F’d up a months later from this stuff.

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If the shipyard mateys made a better job of painting in the first place there would be no need for rust remover.
Preparation appears to be an alien concept; it also seems that squeegeeing the rain out of the way whilst applying the top coat to bare steel is acceptable.

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