Roro Ship car vessel tour and walk around inside car ship Felicity Ace

Scrolling through Sal Mercogianos twitter feed and saw this. A video tour inside the car ship Felicity Ace. The ship with the Lamborghinis and Porsches etc. that caught fire and sank off the Azores.

Gives a good idea of how closely the cars are stowed and why firefighting is so difficult.

Here’s a screen shot at 9:59 of a fire station.


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So is walking around carrying a bunker sounding bucket full of toys

There’s always at least one path to travel fore and aft because the last car on each row has to have enough space for the driver to open the door and get out.

It’s also possible to move between rows because the lashers need enough room to lash the cars.

Anyone more than 5 foot tall can be expected to have a sore back.

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If that was the case I would have gotten off after one trip and never gone back.

The lowest deck clearance I’ve seen is (IIRC) on the two lowest and two upper most decks. The deck beams on those decks have 1.8 meters clearance. I’m 5’-10" which is 1.78 meters.

Between the beams on those decks and on all the other decks there’s more clearance.

I don’t know how tall the guy that made the video is but you can see him on the lowest deck ducking under the beams.

One of the PCTC’s I worked on had deck clearances at 5’ on some of the decks. Really sucked doing fuel soundings.