Rolls Royce presents the future of tug bridge controls

Good video of what could be in the future. I would like to see some of this come to fruition.


Gosh dang robots comin’ after our gosh dang jobs! First the dang Chinese and John McCain tryin’a repeal the gosh dang Jones Act, now the gosh dang British with their gosh dang Rolls Royce crap tryin’a do it with gosh dang robots! Can’t we at least get a provision in the dang Jones Act specificatin’ that they gotta be American robots!?

So how are we going to moor these ships? Are we going to send a team of line handlers out like we do pilots? I do think that there need to be a Captain still onboard, with mates land based, in case of satellite failure

surprised we don’t see more heads up display stuff. a boat like that it could really be beneficial.

I couldn’t resist…


[QUOTE=wafinator;131713]I couldn’t resist…

I think I used that one myself recently