Rolls Royce Commercial Marine becomes part of Kongsberg Group

It is now clear that Rolls Royce Commercial Marine division will be part of Kongsberg Group from 1. April, 2019:

Press release from the EU Commisson:

kept all the technical R&D jobs in Norway as they were going to be culled
So Kongsberg now have 2 DP systems??

Maybe the best of both systems will be incorporated into the next new Kongsberg DP system to be marketed??
It will be interesting to see how the R&D will be divided between Kongsberg’s existing centres in Kongsberg and Horten and RRM’s facilities in Finland, Ulsteinvik, Aalesund and Longva.
Ship design will probably still be here in Aalesund, since Kongsberg is not in that business, while production of propellers, thrusters, deck machinery etc. will remain in this region of Norway, in Finland, Sweden, Poland and China. (Not sure if the US-type thrusters are produced in US, or just designed specifically for the US market)

The engine manufacturing (MTU and Bergen Diesel) is NOT part of the sale and will remain Rolls Royce brands.

Rolls Royce sold the DP systems to Thrustmaster, probably a condition of the sale:

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I thought RR kept the thrusters?
Leaving Wartsila as the only end to end supplier now?
RR did very well in the boom years as they had the right collection of companies but now its cruise ships and in comes Wartsila

Vard and Ulstein is heavily into Expedition Cruise ship design and building, while Havyard and RRM (UT) are designing only. I don’t know if Wartsila (VS) is into designing for this segment, but they do supply engines and propulsion system, as does RRM (for now).
ABB are also main suppliers of thrusters to the cruise industry.

Small cruise boats, ferries, fishing boats and special vessels for the Offshore Wind and Aquaculture industries around the world is now main market for shipyards in Norway.
As well as for the designers and Marine Equipment manufacturers in Scandinavia. Much of it going to yards in China, Turkey, Spain and the US.

Rolls Royce celebrate 40 years of UT design:

PS> Most of that time is belonged to Ulstein. (UT = Ulstein Trading)

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It is now completed, Rolls Royce Commercial Marine is now part of Kongsberg Group:

That includes the ship design and marine equipment part in Norway, Sweden, Finland and around the world, but not Bergen Diesel and MTU engines.

Here is the rational behind this acquisition by Kongsberg:

cant believe they sold the DP business, that was a mistake

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Nothing said about how this will be integrated into the Kongsberg Group. Will everything just become Kongsberg:

Or will the various components be operate under different trade names? (I.e Brattvaag and Rauma for deck machinery, KaMeWa for waterjets, etc.)
Will the ship design retain their UT, NCV brands?

I presume we will soon know.