Rogue waves

Hello I am usually a lurker but I recently saw this BBC Documentary called Freak Waves ( Seems like and interesting phenomenon and was wondering if anyone has any stories or experience with this type of weather.

Not technically rouges but I was off France/Brittany at 13h00 for this.

Wave buoys west of Ireland recorded 58 ft waves at 13h00 Monday – the sets left the recording chart at 62 feet, The wave buoy off France/Brittany showd wave heights of 45 feet at 13h00.

The only time I’ve seen the word “phenomenal” to describe the wave height in my position. I’ll never make that mistake again

News article about the storm at Spectacular storm strikes Europe - XXL waves recorded


My experience with rogue waves is just one from a significantly different direction than the rest. Not to say there aren’t different types and whatnot though. One memorable example was steaming up just west of the gulf stream in a steady northerly wind taking steady 6-8’ ahead and getting blasted by a steep 10-12’ out of the east once in a great while, catching you off guard.

I can’t stand a lot of the show but on this seasons deadliest catch you can see sig on the northwestern take one on the beam out of nowhere, only time I’ve seen the guy rattled on camera.

The F/V Aleutian Ballard in the Bering Sea 2006