Discovery Channel Request Freak Waves

I just recieved an email message from the producer of the Discovery Channel show “Storms At Sea”. They are having trouble licesing the currently available footage on Rogue Waves and wanted to know if any of you have experienced this phenomena and would like to share your story and photos/video.
I, of course, have a great freak wave story of my own but, unfortunately, taping the event was not at the top of my priority list at the time! How about you?

No video footage but when we sortied for Hurricane Hugo, 2 things stand out in my memory; 1) walking on the bulkheads and 2) straining my neck trying to see the tops of the waves from the bridge which was 60’ above the water.

Tell 'em to go in the simulator at PMI and crank 'em up! They can make it pretty hellish in there. I’ve seen guys get seasick on the sim bridge and have to leave.

CMA just got a new 360 bridge sim. It doesn’t move but the screen movement is so realistic that you end up swaying with the boat. I’m sure the prez would be delighted for the advertisement.