Rivers & Inland Waterway Shipping

In a thread about ECO Dutchi asked about a thread for Inland waterways. Well, here it is.
Starting with the first LNG powered Inland tanker in Europe, the Greenstream (now Ecotanker II), blt. 2013: https://worldmaritimenews.com/archives/145404/greenstream-peters-shipyards-completes-first-100-lng-powered-product-tanker/

Nice looking but very different from other typical European vessels trafficking European inland waterways. This one have the wheelhouse fwrd. and double hulled:

The “gen set deck pack” seems to be a very good idea.

A better view of the LNG Packs and storage tanks:

Probably the largest fleet of rivers and Inland waterway vessels in the world you’ll find in China, with distinct differences between the types use in the major river systems; Yellow river, Yangtze and the Red River delta. Here a few typical Yangtze river vessels:

Container feeder:

More for short haul general cargo transport in the Huangpo River, Shanghai:

And a row of barges loaded with coal:

Another few loaded with logs:

Very different from the European type, but they do the job.

Autonomous navigation system for inland waterways???:

Don’t forget the Volga Don vessels that range from the Baltic to the Black Sea & Medi



The Russians are world leaders in river/short sea vessels


And on the other side of the Russian Federation there is a different fleet of sea/river ships serving on the Amur River in the Far East Republic: http://www.amurship.ru/eng/our-services.html

A third major river system in the Russian Federation is the Ob-Irysh and Yenisey Rivers, which is accessible from the NSR:

The Siberian river routes are an extensive network that may not be very well known outside Russia:

The traffic on many of these rivers are limited to a short summer season however.

New large inland/river ships for butane carriage to be built in the Netherlands:

Low water level in the Rhine River cause problem for inland shipping:

I met this beautiful old river tug by Vienna. Powered by a 1.400 Hp medium speed Skoda, according to the deck hand.

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