Riding Gang Aboard US Vessels

Does anyone have any idea if foreign riding gang members are still being employed aboard US-flag ships. If so, is it common practice throughout the US fleet?

I believe that some companies still do but I did see the SIU sending out C cards to do the same work for shitty wages but getting days with the union.

Thank you for your response. I’m not familiar with “C” cards. Can you shed more light on that? Thanks, again.

C Cards are new guys in the union without seniority

Are the union “newbys” paid the same rate of wages that foreign riding crews get paid? In other words, would a SIU C card fitter be paid the same wages as a Polish or Filipino or Indian fitter gets paid?

We actually had one aboard an MSC ship I sailed on last year during an Atlantic Crossing.

They worked 12-hour doing deck Maintenance.

Made no sense to us:

  1. They took all of our OT
  2. They were paid a Hell of a lot more than us doing the same job.
  3. Their work was spotty and some of it was redone after they left.
  4. They were paid 12 hours a day even when (most of the time) they didn’t.

Made sense:

  1. They were US Citizens.
  2. They were a fun and wild bunch to hang out with in Port. They acted like typical MSC Deck Hands in Port.
  3. And apparently, they had an accessive amount of cash on hand.
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Can the C Card workers do work while at sea AND in foreign ports?

“MSC” … Is that Military Sealift Command? We’re you with Maersk or Tote?

“MSC” … Is Military Sealift Command

Oh, for God’s sake, just read gcaptain for a few weeks and learn a little before you post such stupid questions.

Then don’t bother yourself reading and responding to my “stupid” posts and we’ll both be happier.

Well,not so stupid question at all.Just common one!
Yes, they have other crew members of a different nationality of table.
Usually its depend of company of course.