Retrofitting an Outrigger Canoe on a Steel Vessel

I have a client who wants to fit an Outrigger Canoe made of Fiberglass on the sides of a Steel vessel with a length of 20 meters. He said he saw other vessels do this. Am I the only one who thinks this is impractical and probably absurd? I’ve researched on such vessel and found no one doing this

Get cash up front :wink:
Given sufficient cubic dollars, you can get someone to build a fiberglass hull and engineer attachment points to the boat. They too will see this as a nutty idea and want cash up front.
Exactly WHY anyone would build a contraption like this I have no idea, except for bragging rights in the marina that you have the only one of these. Also the marina will love you, you’ll be paying them double to rent the slip next to your slip because this thing will no longer fit into a standard slip.


Something similar has been done, but not with glassfiber outrigger:

Built for Bryan Chang, the former owner of Yantai Raffles shipyard.
He is a well known Singaporean and a very prolific multi-entrepreneur:


Strange looking “outrigger canoe.”


I agree. This person looks like someone who is spontaneous and has wild ideas. Power of money I guess. But thanks for the input good sir

My first question would be WHY.

You were right about his motives, I’ve known the person a long time to know that all this is for the flair.

Wow! Never knew this was possible, you learn new things everyday. Thank you for sharing this

Larger dance floor.


keerimany, I’d hate to be aboard that thing in 30 ft. seas!!!,
no way !!!