Rescuers save all 31 crew members hours before ship sinks off Nova Scotia coast

Great job by Canadian and USCG rescue choppers!! Hoisting all 31 crew in 55kt winds, 6-8m seas, 140miles offshore is no small feat.


Scallop trawler built in 2002, based in Riverport near Lunenburg.

That is a really good story. Kudos to the rescue crews & to the Captain & his crew who stayed behind to try to save the ship. Cant help it, got to love the Coast Guards. Those guys are awesome!

From the article:

“The captain and three crew members remained on board initially, while the other 27 were lifted off the ship one-by-one.”

“This was one of the craziest rescues that I’ve been a part of, for the situation and how many hoisted we had to do and how challenging it was trying to calm the aircraft to go get the survivors picked up,”

"It took about 12 hours for JRCC to clear everyone off the Atlantic Destiny, Owens said it would have taken even longer if the Americans hadn’t helped. “They were gracious enough to come and provide that assistance,” said Owens. “Without it we would still be trying to transport people to shore.”

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