Rendering of the new National Security Multi-Mission Vessel


An ad for a relief captain? Im not sure what you’re getting at. They’re hiring for SST. The captain is an educator as well, that’s probably why the masters degree preferred.


I like that “strong boat handling skills and conservative judgment required” is a stipulation. Pretty much sums up the Captains job.

I’m not so sure about it being listed as entry level though


Didn’t catch that part!


Probably “entry-level” in terms of the SUNY academic system. Obviously not for the hierarchy on the training ship.


The Captain is no longer the Commandant of Cadets, and he has been working for TOTE on the side as C/M on one of those new LNG containerships. Supposedly he is trying to get aboard her to be there for her shipyard period beginning on or around July 1st. Due to this, another Master is taking over the Empire State for the remainder of the sea term.


He already got off from what I heard.


I was surprised they are allowing him to double dip like that, unless it is under the guise of leadership/professional development (like a nautical sabbatical, of sorts.)


It was billed under “professional development”. He did one trip with TOTE.


Interesting. When I heard about those changes to his duties and then his trip with TOTE I was wondering if big changes were coming down the pike for the school’s structure or staff.


I think you’re right. I don’t think a lot of the administration see eye to eye with each other.


On the one hand, that could be a good thing if changes are made, but given the high and low points SUNY experienced under the various leadership in the last 20 years alone it makes me a little nervous. Makes me think it could go either way.

Those who really know what is going on there probably have better opinions and perspectives than mine.


I like hearing that an instructor or captain of the training ship is trying to keep his skills sharp by shipping out on the newest technology the US has to offer. Rick Smith took over for Robert Weaver as commandant as I was walking out the gates of that fine institution and I recall that he had sailed foreign flag for big oil majors like Mobil back when they had their own shipping companies. All indicators were that of a good hire and a competent Master as I recall meeting him for 30 seconds in 2001.