Remembering the Fitz - Pat Knight


Remembering the Fitz

From the point of view of a local reporter.

"Never let anyone tell you reporters don’t get involved in their stories … or that they don’t care about them. We cared passionately about that ship and its men. Weknew them - or men like them. You don’t live in a small Great Lakes town without knowing guys who make their living on the freighters … or their children and wives. The Lake, its shipping, its weather - they’re all woven in so closely to life in that part of the country that they become part of you, whether you’ve ever set foot on a freighter or not.

Clipping from local paper, Nov 11th, 1975


It was a heck of a blow…I was in second grade and remember how nasty that weekend was. Very thankful for improved forecasting, the NDBC website, and satellite computer service for tracking weather at work these days.


Regarding the storm that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald:


Former Fitz crewman (McSorley’s wheelsman) gives an interview. Pretty interesting.