Regs for Flag Flying

Does anyone know what the Regs are on how Foreign Flags Vessels should Fly the American Flag while in US Ports. Or where to find them?

The host nation’s flag is usually shown on the main mast while the ship’s national flag is on the stern. The host nation’s flag is shown as a matter of custom and not required by law.

Warships will sometimes show a host nation’s flag while others will not.

It is known as “Flag Etiquette” rather than regulation. As stated above the US flag will normally be flown from Starboard yard of the main and the port is used for signal flags, house flags etc. Often signal flags are flown under the host (in this case US) flag, e.g. Pilot, Q flag etc. When fueling I run Bravo up the side that will best be seen.

Some other countries, notably Latin ones [B]require[/B] a host nation flag.

Depends on the Country. Some will impose fines if you do not fly the host country flag, and doesn’t go over well during vessel clearance with Port State control, customs, or immigration with the Latin countries.

The flag of registry is never moved, for any reason. That remains constant and center.

Captain Andrew pretty much responded how it should go past that.

Appreciate the info. I was just noticing one of the Foreign Flag vessels before it left town and wondering were there certain rules or regs on how they were supposed to display. Thanks again.

In the days of finger bowls and visiting cards, there used to be a lot more to flag etiquette. Like the owner absent pennant and the crew meal pennant (which I would like to bring back).

anyway you can find a quick blurb on this in the Eldridge book, and I’m sure there a yachtie book out there that still has a chapter on this.

Interesting question. The ‘position of priority’ for the flag of registry is the aft rail. (With preference being given to the aft most taff rail, allowing for vessel construction.) Second position is on the gaff off of the main mast. In all choices the flag is supposed to be in this superior position regardless of where you are.

The host country, quarantine, signal flags are all spelled out in the code of signals. I don’t have one anymore, but they tell all the signals, combinations, and have a chapter in the back about flag hoist, and ettiquette. a google search turned up this

Appreciate it Cappy