Rate your vessel. How is the design?

Have you ever wondered, “Who designed this?” It may have been for the right reasons but, when we ask ourselves that question, it’s usually because a certain design step wasn’t thought through carefully enough. What kind of vessel are you on? What do you like about it? What can be improved ?

The upper pilot house shakes like a vietnamese hooker surrounded by GI’s at Jimmy Wah’s bar in downtown Saigon but other than that it’s not too terrible, I guess. The barges certainly could have been done better, they need more rounded, flared, sea-going bows if they’re going to be making these coastal runs, not these big, ugly, flat garbage-scow bows that suck fuel right out of the tanks (refer to our vietnamese friend from earlier for witty comparison about suction capacity) and make the whole thing a miserable ride (again, see yum-yum the vietnamese prostitute for “ride” comparison). Ok, basically I think this whole flotsam is just a south-east asian whore.

Chinese junk!

One of the best ships I sailed on was the C10’s. However who designed a control room on the main deck wasn’t thinking clearly.

I have to agree. Although it made for a nicer transit in the Suez. I’ll sure miss those ships once they are scrapped.

C-10’s were ok but the Maersk Comet/Meteor/Lightning class I liked better. Oil cooled pistons are easier to work on than water cooled ones.

Ya but no bow thrusters! Line in the eyes suck!