Ransomware Attack Affects 1,000 Vessels Worldwide

A ransomware attack shut down servers hosting software used to manage the crewing and maintenance schedules of about 1,000 vessels across the globe.

Norwegian classification society DNV, maker of ShipManager software, says it took the servers offline after detecting a cyber incident on Jan. 7.

Ransomware Attack Affects 1,000 Vessels Worldwide

Interestingly the same thing happened to Fort Schuyler’s entire network yesterday. (The school sent out an email to all students and alumni.)

That hack was a week ago.

Ah, I misread. The article stated that normal operations would resume on 1/23 so I assumed it had just happened. As you were!

Get used to it. Spyware and ransomware attacks are the new norm. There is no regulation or consequences for the perpetrators. The Pegasus spyware is an example. They are the new international pirates and extortionists.

Let’s not forget state sponsored hacking by our Chinese friends and the Russians. They hack our government agencies and private sector companies, seemingly with impunity.
Do we know what kind of ransom the hackers who attacked the crewing software are demanding?