Question of scope / towing

MMC reads:

Master - Of Steam and Motor Propelled Vessels Of Self-Propelled Vessels Not Including Auxilaiary Sail Of Less Than 100 GRT NC

Master - Of Towing Vessels Of Less Than 200 GRT Upon NC Waters and Western Rivers

Admittedly, I’ve not seen many documents to compare this too. The towing endorsement is grandfathered. Question:

Can this guy operate a tug under 200 T, but any other boat needs to be less than 100 T? Or does the 100 T limit his 200T towing endorsement to 100T? Seems like an odd way to endorse…or maybe there are many like this?

I’m going to call the NMC for the answer, just curious for others’ take.


I was working at a tug company a few years ago, and there were some old timers that had licenses like that. Their interpretation of it was like you said, good to run a tug less than 200 grt, anything else, less than 100 grt.

Tug under 200, inspected vessel under 100.