Question for those of you with 2nd Mates tickets

When you upgrade to 2nd mate does the 3rd mate still show up on you MMC? I am curious because I have an unlimited 3rd mate however when I upgrade to the 2nd mate I will have a restriction due to not having enough tonnage and I would really like the 1600/3000 master ticket that comes with as soon as possible but I am worried that if I upgrade to 2nd mate they will wipe off my unlimited 3rd in the process and I won’t have an avenue to remove the restriction at a later time.

Include 3/m on your app. I had the same issue with an HP restriction on my 2A/E but wanted to keep the 3A/E unl HP. I put it on my app even though I already had it and my new license came with it spelled out 2A/E 4000 HP and 3A/E unl HP.

If your 3rd mate is not tonnage restricted it should be listed on your mmc in addition to the 2nd mate with a restriction. Once the restriction on the 2nd is removed, it will then supersede the 3rd’s.