Question about permanent union job

Anyone know the meaning of getting a permanent job from the hall. how does it work? Job is yours for a year? Thanks.

Permanent is pretty self-explanatory. It is yours until the job no longer exists or you move on to a different position.

Depends on which union. This is not accurate for the SIU.

It’s my understanding that with some contracts the MEBA has so-called permanent jobs for 2 A/E which are for a year. Not a whole year aboard but returning to the same ship after vacation.

Depends. I’ve worked ships where the SIU Bos’n, Electrician and Steward were permanent. I’ve also worked ships where the SIU AB’s and OMUs were permanent as well. The GVA’s and cooks on those ships may as well have been permanent, it was always the same group rotating through.

That’s true. Top positions are permanent “forever.” I think when the ship goes to a yard those can go back to the hall. Other jobs are rotary but are considered permanent for 5 years, and then the job has to go back to the hall.

Depends on how long it is out of service. In normal shipyard periods they come back.

Yea I’ve seen it go both ways, so I’m not sure where the line is.

Depends on the Company and Union CBA.

NMU used to have permanent unlicensed.

Top 4 officers are usually filled with 8 permanent persons splitting time 50/50.

Some officers are rotary but the job lasts for 1 or 2 years onboard so doesn’t count when you take vacation. With MEBA this was mostly tankers.

Believe the NCL Cruise ship in Hawaii is all permanent officer billets.

SIU cannot address myself beyond SUP & MFOW affiliates don’t have them for unlicensed. Marine Cooks and Stewards have permanent positions for Stewards if they sail enough days of the year. I believe it used to be 8 months but they get away with emergency trips off lowering the number.

The usage I’ve heard is a rotary job is for one assignment, once the assignment is completed the job gets called again. A so-called permanent job is for more than one assignment.