Pub 117 2001 edition Precedence of Messages

Hi all I am getting ready to sit for a CM exam and there are a few questions about Naval Control Of Shipping, I have determined that the REC that I plan to use has Pub 117 2001 Edition. I am hoping that someone here might have a copy and would be willing to look and see if the table with handling constraints (time) for “Flash”, “Immediate”, “priority”, “Routine” is in that edition?

Sadly, this is what I had to use to study that… and then had no questions about it whatsoever.

Yeah they have the section in the older pub 117 so I am studying it but I am hoping to find out if I can look it up in test room or not…

I don’t have access to a source but IIRC the priority for all messages are:

  1. Security
  2. Accuracy
  3. Speed.

I could be wrong but I don’t believe there are any times given, speed is a consideration for all messages. The precedence would give the order that messages are sent but the assumption is all messages will be sent without delay.

My source for this information is my instructor at Navy signalman school, 40+ years ago.

Flash – 10 minutes
Immediate – 30 minutes
Priority – 3 hours
Routine – 6 Hours
This is what MSC uses I’m pretty sure its the same

Thanks all for the info, but like I said I have info right now just trying to find out if I can look it up in the exam room, there is a 117 there, it is in 117 just not sure if it is in the 2001 edition, it is in the 1997 edition, it is not in the 2014 edition.

Wasn’t in the one in the test room for me in August, not sure which edition it was, but they should be the same in all REC’s though.

thanks man!