Proteus becomes the world's first manufactured non-cuttable material

Watch how quickly the grinding disk wears down.

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Which was the “non-cuttable material”? The thin stuff or the thick stuff?

Sure looks like that disk went a half inch into the thicker plate and didn’t stop until it was pulled out.
Not to mention the plate had to have been cut in the first place didn’t it?

That video looks BS to me. Let’s see the demo repeated with a diamond disk.

In reading the article I think I understand the underlying principle of what they are saying. That said, you would probably not have to cut through it. If the outer protective plate is cut all the way around the inner “Proteus” material could probably be snapped off. Not being “cuttable” does not necessarily correlate to structural strength.

Typically we’d think non-cuttable in term of hardness right? In this case the inner material is not very hard but is designed to use the energy in the spinning disk to set up “destructive vibrations” and the disk destroys itself.

Agree, that is how I read what they are saying. I wonder how it would work with a water-cooled disk.

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They have been making hydraulic hoses from the stuff for decades, as evident to anyone who has used the wrong tool for chopping up old equipment.

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Defeats angle grinder. Check.

Defeats water jet. Check.

Defeats thermal lance. Hello? Anybody home?



Looks like a couple of whacks with a big hammer will reduce it to chunks.

Thermal lances must be much loved by the industrial gas suppliers but a truck load of oxygen bottles sure puts on an impressive display.

Thieves needing thermal lances to cut bicycle chains. Now I know I’m in the 21st century! :grinning:

Hmmmm, new product idea, a backpack oxygen lance for those little jobs.

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Better yet, an app…

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Broco is way ahead of you.

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Ooh ooh ooh, gotta get one of those!

This version is less expensive and would be great for those weekend getaway jobs.

They’re not that difficult to make yourself, the big issue with a portable one is igniting but depending on your reliability requirements steel wool or a good little power bank can get the job done. I’m working on a miniaturized version, my big hold up right now is a good flexible tubing setup that can handle getting spattered with molten steel/concrete/whatever you want without breaking the bank. Probably going with stainless braided hose from a home brewery shop.

Of course, it’s a terrible idea, but all the fun ones are.

I was thinking of using some quarter inch .065 wall steel tubing and a modified plasma torch handle and hose. Should be adequate for the occasional bike lock or small safe cracking job. I think a little gel cell should handle the light off.

One might want to avoid overhead worth though.

DIY on YouTube: How to Make a Thermal Lance



The Beagle Boys are on the phone.

Don’t need to haul a gel cell around either!

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