Protect U.S. Seaman's Jobs


There is no question that getting Congress to put their foot down is essential to solve this problem. They do not even need to pass legislation, they simply need to enforce what’s on the books.

Anyway, I made this as simple as I could to write a letter to your Congressman, Senator and Barack Obama go to:…SS=Take+Action

It’s free, quick and effective. Note that the letter to the Commandant of the USCG must be printed and mailed. If you don’t have a printer, just don’t send it to him.

What is really weird about this whole process is that I contacted two very large groups purportedly wanting to enforce the Jones Act. NONE of them would have anything to do with me. They said “to be a member of this group, you have to have an interest in the “Jones Act…and what interest do you have?”” or “I think my membership would say…‘help enforce the Jones Act so that lawyer could turn around and sue us’…I do n’t think so”. To which I responded, “I am a patriot first sir and then a father, then a lawyer and what is happening in the Gulf is pissing me off”. Well, whatever I said did not work so I paid to do this myself…screw them. Finally, when you are through sending the letter, it will ask you if you have any emails for friends that you think will want to also send a letter, if you put in their email, it sends them an email from you asking them to help

Do not get me wrong, international seamen are you brethren but I can assure you there are no US flagged vessels constantly working in their back yard.

Finally, if you do not work in the GoM and think you are immune from these foreign companies and them nudging into your industry…think again. In my opinion, you need to all ban together on this now so when there is another industry challenged the past will serve as a basis for future decisions.

It Is Time to STOP this Practice. I hope you enjoy the usage of this link!

I Wish You Calm Seas