Prosecutors: Engineer deliberately ran train off tracks in attempt to smash the USNS Mercy


Decades in the navy specialising in warfare and I’d never considered attacking a naval ship with a locomotive.

I must expand my horizons - to include the Yanks.


USNS Mercy : 1

Train Engineer who thinks the coronavirus was created by a secret society of rich people to further take over the world. : 0

Has anyone heard from @Heiwa lately & does he have the license to operate a train?


I bet he won’t be getting a hair follicle test.

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Completely agree. This should inspire us all to open our minds and think of ever more creative ways to accomplish our goals.

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Seems like a blatant attempt of terrorism. HANG HIM!

On the plus side, Liberty University has a new Dean of Engineering.


Per the Washington Post, Moreno told investigators the idea just sort of popped up in his head.

“I don’t know. Sometimes you just get a little snap and man, it was fricking exciting,” Moreno allegedly said. “I just had it and I was committed. I just went for it. I had one chance.”

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I wonder where the guy ever got the idea that there was a “deep state” plotting to take over the country.

Our constitution won’t allow us to hang people like him. He tried to use a train to hit a ship moored 500 yards away from the end of the tracks & then made this statement, “You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”. But we could possiblely hang his supervisor & the guy who hired him to drive trains.

I think a just punishment would be to have Steven Seagal, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Bruce Willis whoop his ass & put him in a mental hospital. Definitely ban him from watching TV ever again too.

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“It would have worked, too, if those pesky laws of physics hadn’t interfered!"

Yeah, but it must have been sweet for a while, running light, throttle wide open, that big EMD starting to sing, accelerating down the track, headed for glory.


There’s a specific crime called “train wrecking?”


The guy must have been watching way too many action movies to realize all that CGI and special effect stuff doesn’t translate well in real life.

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A crime for everything, and for everyone a crime. We’re number one!

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It was just poor execution. He didn’t want it enough 8-^)

He will probably continue to be - to the appropriate institution.

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I knew this. I was just rabble-rousing.

Reference Cartman when he was temporarily turned into a ginger.

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I was only half kidding. It’s hard to believe this guy didn’t raise a ton of red flags with his supervisors & coworkers before this. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not a whole line of people willing to use the phrase, “I knew this dude was going to flipout one day.” Investigate his supervisors IMO.

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I knew you knew that.

As a professional mariner, I had to defend myself from a perceived bashing, regardless of the resepected source.

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