ProPublica: How the Navy’s Top Commander Botched the Highest-Profile Investigation in Years


Edit: And now we know why.

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USS Fitzgerald's leadership removed from duties

But his pursuit of accountability for individual sailors has been deeply troubled, and the prosecutions of the men and women on the two destroyers are today in shambles. Indeed, Richardson, who holds the most senior uniformed position in the Navy, was found by a judge to have violated the protections against undue command influence, a stunning result in one of the most high-profile cases of military justice in years

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It looks like hard liner Richardson has succeeded in passing his expiration date. Wounded game, collateral damage. Unlucky story all around and sadly bad publicity for the Navy. I always doubted the criminal charges for which it is necessary that the collisions were brought about on purpose, clearly nothing of the sort happened.

The deaths of these sailors rest not upon the shoulders of a junior officer; they rest upon Navy leadership,” Sheldon said.

How true.




Passing his expiration date? His time as CNO was always coming to an end; he’ll be at four years in September, which is completely in line with the position. I think there’s a stronger case to be made that this is an attempt to clear the air for his successor (Adm. Moran), who was in the thick of this UCI as well.

The only criminal act here was charging these officers in the first place.

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And here was me thinking well they have NCIS and Judge Advocates to sort this out. I must have been watching too much television.

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