PRIMAR adds Indian ENCs to the ENC service

PRIMAR is pleased to announce that the Norwegian Hydrographic Service and the National Hydrographic office of India have now signed an agreement for distribution of Indian ENC data through the PRIMAR ENC Service. This is yet another landmark towards PRIMAR’s goal of delivering a global, independent and non-exclusive ENC service to the maritime industry.

India has produced over 240 ENCs of excellent quality – covering the major India routes and ports and supporting global trade routes.
Indian maritime industry has witnessed substantial growth over the past years, despite the downturn in global economy. Approximately 95% of India’s international trade by volume is seaborne; and with a coastline of over 7500 Km dotted with 13 major ports and about 185 minor ports, the inclusion of Indian ENCs into the PRIMAR service will mean that more and more vessels visiting India will use ENCs and ECDIS before the mandatory requirements take effect in 2012.

The Director of the NHS, Mr Gerry Larsson-Fedde stated that
“I am delighted to include Indian ENCs into the PRIMAR Service. Closer cooperation with India has been one of my goals - as feedback from the industry has been clear about how important the addition of Indian ENCs will be for widespread use of ENCs onboard vessels while moving towards paperless navigation”.