JRC 901B User and ENC Questions


Just joined a vessel during a large rebuild and they are planning on installing two new JRC 901B ECDIS Systems. I have been tasked to research and order datum through two different ENC producers (one for each). I previously have experience with Admiralty (AVCS) and C-Map, but I was curious what other producers are out there and how they have fared with other ENC producers.

Also, as a side note, does any one have experience with this or similar JRC units? Trying to get a feel for what I may be in for. Thanks!

Edit: I should clarify that this vessel will be transiting outside of US waters, and ENCs need to be approved.

It looks like they’ve partnered with ChartCo

It’s Windows XP-based, so be aware of viruses if it’s on a network.

I believe this company offer worldwide charts and service: https://marisasia.wordpress.com/tag/electronic-chart-display-information-system/

Or this one: http://www.chartworld.com/web/about-us

Would not touch Maris with a ten foot pole. Chartco in the UK has a large portfolio of approved ENCs from different sources.