Predator on the loose…

I can’t believe that this predator gets to walk around unknown to the public! 1A/E Dominguez is a brave woman for coming out publicly and I hope she helps other women and men find the courage to stand up and speak out about the atrocities that go on out there at sea.


I did some cross referencing with the timeline of her story using articles online and the internal deck officer list and the permanent Master is: Capt. Yamil Sanchez-Padilla.

It was incredibly brave of her to come forward with her story and the predator should be named.

Not surprised. Who was the captain?

It should be a surprise. Because it shouldn’t happen this often it doesn’t feel shocking anymore.

This is sickening and saddening. The industry is full of Captains/senior licensed sailors who think they’re the king out there because they have a higher license than everyone and because they are in charge. They don’t get the respect they think they deserve at home and at sea, they think they’re above all else and can do as they please. There needs to be stricter consequences for rapists and SASH offenders.

Women should be able to work on ships and make money without having to associate with their counterparts. They’re there to work and to make money, not for anything else if they choose not to partake.

Elsie is so incredibly brave to share her story with her full name. It takes guts to do so, courage that the offender will never have. She is already winning. She’s a Navy LT and I’m proud to be able to serve and sail with her.


It’s Yamil Sanchez-Padilla. I looked on the deck officer list.


Oh I fully agree. The whole industry needs to fix their shit. I left MSC awhile ago, but it was clear back then they were way behind and it sounds like nothing has really changed over there. I feel like I’ve seen positive progress in the private sector over the years, still room for improvement, but far better than what it was.

Never heard of that clown, must’ve worked his way up on the tin cans

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“ It’s Yamil Sanchez-Padilla. I looked on the deck officer list.”

Are you 100% certain that was the captain at the time of the incident? Throwing someone’s name out there because you assume or a spreadsheet has his name is dangerous and you could be ruining the reputation of someone possibly not involved. We all know those sheets are not exactly accurate. Not saying your are wrong but I did not see in the article a date that it occurred.

How in the world was she told she could lose her job and they are not releasing the captains name is insane. MSC is broken. It’s time to seriously clean house in the office. IG needs to step in.


What a horrible thing to happen. Can’t help but notice the article references the 2020 suicide. The article says that the 3rd mate killed himself possibly because of gangway up, but it was actually because he (unfairly) blamed himself for a sexual assault that had happened onboard. I don’t know why he thought he was at fault, only that he wasn’t the one who had done the assaulting. Very sad to see such disgusting sexual abuse continuously happening in MSC.

MSC is letting the mariners down in many ways. Time to investigate all in the office. Too many sucking up fat paychecks protecting their little rice bowl.

Not that didn’t happen, but Ryan Melogy is tied to this case, and he has stirred up several dramatic semi true stories in the past with 0 background research, so I would take this to be worth a grain of salt. I trust victims, but I will never trust Ryan Melogy.


I’m not sure who Ryan Melogy is aside from a quick google search, I got that information straight from one of the other deck officers on board at the time, who saw the body

Edit: I had also discussed this with on of his classmates, and she didn’t seem shocked to hear it, and had heard the story before. but also didn’t have any information to add.

Oh, i misread your comment, my bad. I though you said the article said it in the wake of an assult. Melogy has a history of sharing victims stories without their knowledge or consent to gain his own following. But he might sue you for defamation if you call him a peice of shit.

I completely agree that someone’s name and reputation shouldn’t be brought into question lightly.

I decided to do more digging beyond deck officer lists and read through the complete PDF of the lawsuit linked on the maritime legal aid article. It states that the Captain who raped her returned to the USNS Carson City in Mid May 2023 (page 18 of the lawsuit). I found an article on on DVIDs from June 7th, 2023 called “MSCEURAF visits USNS Ships in Rijeka Shipyard” quoting Capt. Yamil Sanchez-Padilla as the master of the vessel. The timeline matches up on the deck officer lists and this article. Also their conversation are translated from Spanish and Yamil Sanchez’s Facebook says that he’s from Puerto Rico. Frankly, there are not that many EPF Captains in the fleet so it was not a hard process of elimination.

I think it’s really wrong that she has had to go public with something so personal and horrifying in the hopes of some semblance of justice, while his identity is protected.


Let’s not forget that people are still supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. I’ve seen way too many allegations that have occurred against people based only on personal vendettas.

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From a logical standpoint I don’t see why a First Engineer, easily making upwards of 200k a year on the highest paying vessels in the fleet, would risk her career and reputation to falsely accuse someone. With all the gruesome details in the report and text message excerpts I just think that would be quite elaborate. Also, she’s suing the government for not having policies in place and not following SAPR protocol to protect her, she’s not suing her attacker. It would also be pretty bold for a Naval Officer, service academy grad, and high ranking ship officer/government employee to sue the US Government on false pretenses. It took incredible courage for her to come forward, I believe her story.