Practicing Maritime Law in Maine?

I am a current (second-career) law student wishing to relocate to Maine. Although I will likely be a “jill-of-all-trades”, I would like to have a niche practice in maritime law. My husband is an AB and is just as excited about Maine as I am. We would like to get up there for my 2 remaining summers (I am in a 4 year JB/MBA program) and post graduation.

The biggest problem? Apparently only people in Maine know anyone in Maine. I can’t seem to get any traction with my contact list. I have googled, emailed, linkedin, etc - cold calls fall flat up in them there parts. Any suggestions?

Steve Gordon of Gordon and Elias in Houston is a frequent user and sponsor of this forum. He may be able to help you out. Good luck!

If you’re a proliberty type, I am a member of the Free State Project in New Hampshire. It’s one of the lowest taxed states in the nation, offers better gun rights and property rights than most northeastern states, and you have stronger privacy rights protection, here. Since you both can relocate, the tax savings of living in New Hampshire more than justify any travel time. A lot of Maine folk choose Portsmouth, which is a beautiful town and a tax haven for folks spending a lot of time up there.

UNH-Durham is also a very decent school, though I haven’t looked into their law program at all.

Who is your husband, BTW? I might know him.

As it just so happens, I am actually looking for a Jones Act injury attorney, but I doubt that one customer is going to establish you as a regular Matlock.

Dear Tiffany-

If you will email me at your one (1) page resume, I will forward it to some Maine Maritime Lawyers on the AAJ Maritime Listserve.

2 down and 1 to go…There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you gentlemen.

maxxoccupancy: I am not opposed to New Hampshire. In fact, I had a lovely dinner there last night on the way back from Maine. The biggest determining factor is where I can find employment as my husband can go anywhere with his job. My husband lurks on these boards all the time, although I’m not sure he would want me to “out him.” As I am sure he is watching this thread he will post if he feels like shining a light on himself. I would love to take a case, but given that I haven’t actually passed the bar yet I would probably get in a bit of trouble. If you haven’t found a solution in a couple of years let me know.

Mr. Gordon: In your inbox. Thank you!!!

Tiffany, what law school are you attending?

Dear Tiffany- I received the CV. I have sent it to the list. Good luck! Steve

You may find it difficult to practice maritime law exclusively in Maine. It was difficult for me to do so in Boston, and Maine is a smaller market. If you want to practice admiralty exclusively, you may have a better chance in Boston. I can give you some people to contact there, but it sounds like you might already be there (you mentioned stopping in New Hampshire on the way back from Maine… I’m guessing you might be going to school in Boston)

I’m at Drexel in Philadelphia. We are from the West Coast, so we have a road trip habit (there aren’t all these pesky east coast tolls).

good luck relocating to maine: it is a wonderful state and, if you choose, a great place to raise a family. the economy…? not so great.

IS the JONES ACT being attacked?? Please read and reply!!

Pages 78,79,84&???
Citizenship, Use Of NON US Credentialed personnel
In short allowed immigrant without “resident Alien Status” to sail on US flag vessels.

I am still in need of help with my maritime injury case. If anyone can offer free advice (or knows an attorney willing to take a somewhat complicated reinjury case), send me a PM. I am at the point of having to file the lawsuit myself, talk to my own witnesses, and squeeze a settlement out of the employer.

Have you spoken to Steve (jonesact)? he’s on the forum…

I think you only pay if he collects…:slight_smile: