Power cable from Oz to Singapore

We ARE talking about plans for the future here, not what is available/possible today only.

A lot of innovative thinking and research is ongoing. Who knows what will be possible in 10, 20, or 30 years. (2050 is the target year for emission free shipping and transport)

The US has some great solar potental as shown at the image below, Europe not so much, they used to talk about building solar farms in the Sahara desert to power Europe.

yes its just a proposal at the moment
Are the saying its only viable if Singapore guarantees to buy the power?

they should run a water pipe as well, lots of spare water from the Ord River

I am thinking about all that coal that will need exporting to make all that silicone so somebody else gets the pollution.

perhaps ships from Singapore to OZ can get a recharge on the way via the underwater cable?

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Maybe a cable would be reality by 2027?: