Port Formalities Survey

I’m writing my studies project about pre-arrival and port documents in EU ports. Could you please answer some questions for me!

[/li][li]Vessel type;
[/li][li]Area of work;
[/li][li]Average time spent on preparing arrival and pre-arrival documents;
[/li][li]Average time spent on paperwork in port before cargo operations are allowed;
[/li][li]What sort of documents takes the most time to prepare?
[/li][li]Would you support invention of single unified port information system in all EU ports or at least single unitary form for arrival/pre-arrival documents in all EU ports?
[/li][li]If yes, then how much time such a system/form would save for crewmembers of your vessel?
[/li][li]Additional commentars
P.S. – If preparation of port documents is not included in your direct duties, please answer these questions anyway, giving your insights on situation.