Port Authority's Bayonne Bridge Raise the Roadway Project

Great animation video of Bayonne Bridge project. Part of the NY Harbor deepening effort to get ready for new Panamax size ships.

Of course NY Port Authority can afford slick videos when they are charging Mom & Pop $13 to drive the old Ford Pinto over this wreck that was built in the early 30’s.

And for the historians, this is the same bridge as the one in Sidney, Australia that the Aussies are so fond of showing on TV with the Opera House, except the Bayonne Bridge is five feet longer. Well, it is New York! But in a city of exquisite bridges, this is just one of many.

Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW5I6lFFXRU

Oh, why not just make the channel deeper?

sarcasm. . . . .

Seems like this could easily turn into a “Big Dig” situation.