Port and starboard?

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So who was in the wrong?

The guys with the camera onboard because I have deemed this a crossing situation. The other guys,stand-on, should have taken action to avoid because the give-way guys didn’t so maybe an 80/20 split in blame.
It’s almost a meeting situation but not quite IMHO.
I’ll bet a case of Jack Daniels this is an alcohol related incident on both sides!

I love this video.

Both Captain’s aren’t too bright.

“Captains”? Kinda stretching that concept, aren’t we?

This was a great video…
It looks like the boat with the camera, may have had “no way” on…or was possibly at anchor…It’s hard to tell ,but by the impact it looks it to me…Also what was the guy on the bow doing right before the impact? Checking the anchor rode…?

If they are both underway making way they are both in the wrong. Vessel with camara should have given way and the vesel to the right has the responsibility to depart from the rules to avoid a collision. It would seem to me that the one with the camera would be more in the wrong 80/20

It amazes me that some kid who wants to drive a $3,000 clunker down the street has to go through 6 months of training and a road test. Meanwhile, some idiot with a big checkbook can walk into the dealership and any boat he wants, the size only dependent on the size of his checkbook. Granted, if the boat is over 12 meters long, it has to carry a Rules of the Road book, but that doesn’t mean that anybody has to actually read the thing.
I say they’re both at fault for just being incompetent. But I blame the guy with the camera more since he stood there and watched it all happen instead of bothering to tell anybody that something bad might be occuring shortly.

I got to agree with New3M: The camera boat had plenty of opportunity to avoid that crash. There was the cammera guy who saw it comming, there was a guy on the bow who saw it comming, but even more damming was that guy on the STB side who gave what looks to me the international WTF are you doing you idiots gesture.
All it would have took was early and obvious change to the STB or at the least a lttle less throttle…

But then again to quote a famous observer of human bfehavior, "ya cant fix stupid."
I love Wednesday morning armchair skippering.