Popular US Merchant Marine Academy Admiral Jack Buono Announces His Retirement

I am sure the current admiration will appoint a gender neutral ethnic minority with absolutely no maritime experience as a replacement.

Here is the news release.

I feel compelled to respond to the statements in this piece about RADM Helis.
RADM Helis steered USMMA through the shoals at a critical time in the academy’s history.
The problems he faced had been brewing for decades. To name a few, when RADM Helis took the helm, there were, as there are still, culture issues at the academy and throughout our industry. The GAO had reported dozens of violations of federal law related to the use of funds. The USMMA alumni were against RADM Helis from day one and refused to give him the support he deserved.
In 2016, Congress’ overreaction to the GAO findings and the problems related to sexual assault and harassement resulted in the Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s determination to place USMMA on ‘probation’. RADM Helis bravely stood firm against some powerful people in his resolve to see the academy through that crisis.
I know. I was there. I was proud to support him.
RADM Helis was the right person at the right time for that job. USMMA didn’t need someone with a Master’s license or industry credentials. What it needed was a tough, knowledgeable administrator with the strength of character to do right and hang in there.
RADM Helis delivered.
Acta Non Verba,
Mike Rodriguez, '79
Deputy Maritime Administrator, 2014-2016


Why do you assume some who has industry credentials or a license was not needed or of some value to a maritime school. I never met Helis to say anything one way or the other, but he is not the subject of the topic until you made it…

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