Poll: What is the best way to learn Celestial Navigation?

This is the place to comment on this week’s poll question: What is the best way to learn Celestial Navigation?

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Practice, Practice, Practice! but I will say that I never truly understood sigh reductions untill I started doing them backwards.


I agree! Practice is imperative. I barely squeeked through algebra in high school thinking, “What am I EVER going to use this stuff for?” and then I needed to understand Spherical Trig for Celestial. I was lucky enough to have mentors. As AB, I spent all of my coffee times and lunches on the bridge taking sun lines and azimuths. It eventually sunk in. As a “Hawsepiper” it was quite a stretch but repetition saved my butt. That was 20 years ago. I am forever grateful to those people who took the time to teach. Uncle Bum and The Destroyer.


Master AGT

I agree as well… practice, practice, practice. While I learned it well enough to take the test, I added “by doing them backwards” as and answer because I did not truly understand cel nav until till I tried it the “lazy” way.


I’m for doing it backwards! Difficult but effective.