Pilotage Trip Verification


It’s all good, ran out of meaningless things to do, so decided to be a smartass…lol


I understand, I do it all the time!


This is probably something Señor Cavo can answer out of my curiosity.

If I as the Master of a 40k ton ship document all my trips in and out of a particular port, who signs off on them? Can I sign my own verification? Do I have to stop by all the state pilots houses to ask for a signature after the fact?

I kind of want to take the test as a challenge.


Sign the form yourself. If the pilots will sign, so much the better, but if they won’t, don’t worry about it.

I suppose you could have the mate on watch sign the pilot line.


Have them sign them before they get off the ship…


One round trip per sheet? Seems pretty inefficient. I’m used to seeing lots of collumns and rows for many round trips per page.


I don’t remember “many columns” but I could have sworn the old sheets were something like 5-8 entries per page.


Any luck with Fourchon Pilotage? Looking to do exact same thing


I’m looking at other avenues at the moment but I need qualifying seatime.


Contacted the coast guard as well as the Fourchon Port office, there is no pilotage (federal or state) for Fourchon. As long as you can speak English you are allowed into the port with or without a pilot. These few pilots running around here are just independent contractors for the shipping companies not required by port


There are circumstances when a pilot is required. Back in 2010 the Russian icebreaker Vladimir Ignatyuk came into Fouchon for emission testing while under charter to Shell. I know a pilot brought her in and out.


The pilot association usually sets all that up with their bank from what I understand.


The Captain on the Opposite Crew was picked to be a Pilot for a bush Gulf Coast Port. The reason that he got picked was none of them could get enough votes for their first choice so they decided to go with someone different.

His buy in was to buy out the retiring pilot and he only had a short time to get the funds together. We joked about going to a bank and asking for a loan for over $400,000 (it might have been $600,000) and tell them it’s to buy a job worth over $400,000 per year.

He even ended up buying the retiring pilot’s home.