Pilot Cable USB/AIS

Does anyone happen to know a place that sells Pilot Cables to link a laptop with an ECS to the AIS? In NYC, USA. Looking for a shop or a quick delivery if possible.

You are probably better off with something like this, it will work anywhere. I have one for moonlighting on other boats.

Are you trying to make a back up nav computer? Rosepoint?

I am looking for the first one, I ordered one from another vendor earlier this week, was hoping I could get one sooner. It’s to integrate a laptop with Rose Point into a Simulator- used them before, need replacements.

Better off going with that works via Bluetooth or wifi that way you can have a little mobility on the bridge.


He’s trying to use it in a simulator, so hardwired is probably required.

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Yes, hardwire required, thanks all. I am waiting on the cable, en route from a somewhat local vendor. My colleague connected with a local tug company that may give us spares for our other simulator stations. Luckily, it’s just a simulator- a reminder of the importance of spares.