Pilot boats, pilot embarking and disembarking ships

Shit happens.

Here’s another -

Pilots at Wandelaar pilot station use a pilot cutter, Wandelaar (or Steenbank) is the pilot station for Antwerp, the Westerschelde and Schelde rivers




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I can remember picking up the Weser pilots for Bremerhaven up into the late 80’s, in pilot launches that were launched from the pilot cutter in something that looked like it was one step up from a rowboat. There was a folding canopy on the bow to pretend to protect the persons aboard from the elements and some kind of motor. The steering mechanism consisted of a rudder and a tiller. If the weather was bad you went way into the Weser estuary before you got a pilot.

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The Humber pilots also transferred from the pilot cutter to the ship using a dory. The coxswain soft the dory were apprentice pilots who at the end of the apprenticeships went deep sea for their second mate and chief mates tickets. They then returned to complete training as a pilot. I don’t know what they do today but I think they use a fast pilot boat and the cutter is no more.
The last place I saw a cutter and dories being used was the river pilots off Shanghai.

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The pilot boat 130 ready to collect the pilot from the SCHOKLAND at the Norwegian Ranfjord Entrance Photo : Jan van Vuuren C/E o/b Schokland ©

PS> Ranfjorden leads to the industrial town Mo i Rana and is just south of the Arctic Circle.([66.1356°N)

The pilot tender LACERTA ready to disembark the pilot of THUN GLOBE at IJmuiden pilotstation. Photo : Dennis van Urk ©

Exacly been shouting that for years it’s all about the money.

Some of the longest lasting monopolies in the world? no way, it’s all about safety and environment and protecting commerce

I operate the St Andrews Bay Pilot boat in Panama City, FL.
My buddy did a ride along and filmed for his you tube channel.
This boat is a 1984 Bay craft, there is a new North River Pilot Boat on order for delivery in April !


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Bring back memories of trips in the Java Sea in the mid-1970s with crew boat looking very much the same as this one.

A far cry from Pilot Boats being used to serve long the Norwegian coast:

Pilot boarding at Breisundet Pilot Ground, Ålesund:

PS> A bit rougher conditions is normal though.

The pilot boat SHATT AL ARAB ready to transfer the pilot to the LOGOS HOPE. The vessel will sail today at highwater to Basra. Photo: Capt Dirk Colenbrander ©

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At the other end of the spectrum:

The Puerto Princesa pilot boat returning to port after delivering the pilot
Photo : Piet Sinke via Maasmond Newsclippings

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Next step up:

The pilot boat based in Tagbilaran Port at the Philippine Island Bohol
Photo : Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)

This is our new boat in Panama City, FL. NorthRiver Boats


The port security/pilot boat LAMAROO operating in the port of Darwin NT Australia.
Photo: Jan Willem Monster (c)
The name is probably a combination of Lama and Kangaroo :rofl:

Looks pretty nice, how’s it ride and what’s the length and speed?

In the early 1980’s I saw the Key West Pilot (Blinky) ride out to ships in an old navy 26’ Motor Whale Boat. Some days it was a little bouncy for him in that bathtub.

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How does that outboard compare to the Breaux Bay Craft?

The boat is 38 FT w/ twin Suzuki 350’s. We cruise at 30 but she tops out around 48…

This boat is purpose built for Pilot duty. The operator is inside with a view of the pilot boarding. The Bay craft had us going to the outside rear controls for transfers.

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