Pieter Schelte

Hello All,

i’m following the construction of the Pieter Schelte mega project.

I’m not able to get fresh updates about the status of construction. The delivery is expected for early 2014 but i presume will be delayed a lot.

Is there anyone with more informations ?

Many thanks

I wish. The best info would come from Allseas, although they don’t seem to be releasing the info you or I are looking for. DSME doesn’t provide these kinds of updates. The exception is in the case of the Triple-E but that was a Maersk initiative.



Hi Mike,

thanks for advises. Yes, it is very hard to get informations.

I can see that the delivery is expected for the end of this year or early 2014 but i know that the TLS (top side system) is not yet ready and may be will be in the next 12 months or more.
Further, i don’t know the status of the construction of the vessel in Korea.

More informations will be very appreciated.