Pea Patch Island, DE

Nearly every river pilot has told me that Pea Patch Island on the Delaware was ‘man made’ via a colonial cargo ship that ran aground in the shallows. I’ve found no definitive proof though the folk lore is noted in Wikipedia. Anybody know anymore on this?


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A quick search on Google revealed this gem:

Thanks cmakin; I’m a fellow Carquinez Mental Asylum escapee as well. I noted Wikipedia’s acknowledgement of the folk lore in my original post. Was hoping to see if there was any validity to the folklore…

Why are you here? To troll people for posting maritime history topics in a maritime history forum? Go crawl back under whatever rock you came from…

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The other awesome thing he did was continually post nonsense to get his post count high enough to be considered a “top contributor”. Now new people see him posting his cut and paste google searches thinking he knows what he’s talking about.


Sometimes I’m positive he’s really a very, very well programmed bot.

Hi @biddlecomb - Good morning. I have done a little research on your question. One way we may be able to find out if there is some definitive proof would be able to connect with a historian and invite him/her to the thread. I notice there are a few. Most likely it may only be a historical sketch of information?

Like possibly Tom Ryan?

The Delware Public Archives also may be a source for some additional information? By connecting with some of the people that are commenting on the page? They may be interested with helping with the research?

UPDATE: I sent an IM to Delaware Public Archives and they came back with this:

Thank you for contacting the Delaware Public Archives. Please send requests for research via email to: Thank you. I questioned them about the two aa in archives and they said that is correct.

So it’s not a pea farm… ahh shucks

The island, in my opinion, was formed primarily by dredging of the river basin/navigation channel.

Here is a historical overview with additional pertinent information.

How many sources from Google do you read before forming your own opinion? How do you become an instant expert when there isn’t much info on a particular subject available on google?

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I’d like to second that motion. DSD makes some threads genuinely unpleasant to read with his rampant bullshit. He adds nothing to this forum. I generally like to post positive replies here and share information when I can. Nowadays, I have to restrain myself from posting snarky replies to all of his crap.

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