Payrolls, copies on board

I’ve been working as a Captain quite a few years and I have never given any thought to why we have kept a payroll file on board, never been an issue since I’ve always received copies without asking my previous employers and always kept a file in my office. So I became quite amazed the other day when HR refused to send for two of the crew members and ignored my emails with follow-up questions afterwards.

Can anyone please refresh my memory to why this is has been a standard practice on my previous ships? If it’s an ILO resolution, if it’s in case ITF inspection or simply that this could be a flag state regulation?

Its a WTF regulation in our case… When your check hits the bank, and its a little light and you go “WTF”!!!. I keep a copy, the boat gets one, the office gets two(one electronic, one paper copy).

Get the employees to get their stubs; they have more rights than you regarding their pay.
Are these guys on articles?