Passport Renewal Turnaround Time

Has anyone had to renew their US passport lately? Mine was sent USPS Priority Mail on Feb. 4, and only arrived at the processing center on Feb. 26 - that is 22 days in transit. But it still has not shown up in the online status check that the processing center offers. I was advised it takes about 2 weeks after arrival before it shows up.

Thanks for any news!

I’ve heard about long delays. One of our guys got a new passport for a Mariner with a company letter in a few days.

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It is possible to expedite the application, for a fee of course. I won’t need it until June, so I’m just sitting tight right now to see what transpires.

I renewed my wife’s passport last year…and just a few months ago my kids’. Both transactions were about a 2.5- 3 month turn around.

Tugsailor is correct .Back when I was working, company needed an agent in Honduras on short notice. Somehow, it was expedited rather quickly,. Got it in less than a week.

Years ago, I got an expedited passport in one hour from friendly and helpful state department staff. I just showed up with my Z card and a plane ticket.

About five years ago I got an expedited passport in about three days. I could not get through the automated telephone system to make an appointment. I had to get help from a US Senators staff to call someone directly at the passport office. Incredible overblown multilayered security. Tens of millions of dollars wasted on passport office security. The office is inside a Federal building with a lot of other security. I had to spend all day in and around the passport office. Super unfriendly, and unhelpful staff. Horrible “service.” I was one of the very few American born English speakers getting a US passport.

Both passport experiences were in the same city about 20 years apart.

I hear that it’s gotten much worse with Covid.

Paying $200 for expedited service provided by experts that do it everyday is well worth it.

Renewed mine by mail through the US Embassy in Paris in less than three weeks. No complaints :smiley: …

Just did mine. Took about 6 weeks with “expedited” service, 60 bucks. I did the card also.

Is there any usefulness to the card?

Perhaps easier to show going through the airport security.

Haven’t flown since I retired in 2003. Have the passports in hand, but prefer to drive to explore my awesome country.

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To my understanding, the card would be be good for people that exclusively travel to mexico or canada, by land…and want to save money, so they opt out of purchasing the passport book.

It’s good to have both the Card and the passport.

The card is valid traveling by sea from Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

Traveling by air or road, I think it’s only valid traveling from Mexico and Canada.

I mostly use my card for Canada.

In some countries, you have to show your local ID card, or passport a lot, in just about every store. It’s easier to just show the passport card.

Due to risk of theft, it’s customary in many Latin American countries to leave your passport in the safe and only carry a photocopy of the photo page and the visa entry stamp. I like having the official Card in my pocket too.

If you lose or have your passport stolen in a foreign country, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to show your card as proof of citizenship at the American consulate when you seek a new passport?

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I mailed my renewal via priority mail 12/28. New one was issued 2/11. Received 2/16. So about 6 weeks. Much better than I originally expected.

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