Party at MITAGS maryland 16-21 May 2010: YEAH BABY YEAH!

that place will be smokin’ with fun as I live there while completing my Chief Mate/Master class “Advanced Meteorlogy & Ocean Science”.
my stretch limo will drop me, the 20 pole dancing ladies, and famous DJ Moby off sunday night, the booze & sound/light delivery trucks will have already delivered 20 cases of capt morgan rum, 3 pallets of 12 oz bud cans, and the all the music/equipment (word is moby’s new girlfriend, Reese Witherspoon, may drop by too). Catering to be done by local company, mostly maryland fresh seafood.

party 24/7. music. dancing. food. good times. all free. come on everyone!!! Bring it on!

oh yeah… this is gonna’ be great.

wake up.
dream fades.
off to horrible class with grumbling & farting male classmates.