The Union of Pilots of the Panama Canal respectfully calls on the Supreme Court of Justice to give priority to the corresponding procedure required by the unconstitutionality claims presented to contract Law No. 406 of October 20, 2023, and urges the Executive to take the necessary measures, in accordance with the popular clamor that is in the streets, to lead our country to a real, direct and transparent discussion about the future of mining activity in the national territory. It is imperative that the Executive Body also submit, before the plenary session of the Legislative Body, a proposed law that suspends all open pit mining activity, through a moratorium, until the country democratically decides the course to follow. We also take advantage of this situation to remember that the The Panama Canal faces an unprecedented water crisis, which requires immediate actions to allow the sustainability of the maritime route. The current mining crisis calls into question the commitment expected of our authorities towards our main resource and delays the decisions that, as a country, we must take to guarantee the safe, profitable and uninterrupted operation of our interoceanic waterway. We are facing a historic moment in our republican life and it is the voice of the people that must be heard, above particular interests. True patriotism is that which moves us to do good for the interests of all Panamanians. Our future generations will suffer the consequences and will witness the decisions that we as a country make now, enough with the statements and speeches that do not address the root of the crisis we are experiencing. It is time to take concrete actions, both on the mining issue and on what is required to resolve the water crisis we face in the Canal de

miners can cough up a lot of money as long as prices stay up !!

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Shipping finds ways around the problem:

It is felt in other trades as well:

So Canadian Pacific Kansas City, whoever that is, can connect Lazaro Cordenas to the North American Midwest via rail? Where do I buy shares?

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