Palm Oil from Ship Kills Dog

Hey folks, I just received the following email:

Last week our dog, Zanzi, ate a white substance washed up on a beach at Marazion in Cornwall, instantly took ill and died.

The substance – which was on several beaches – was tested and found to be extremely rancid palm oil. The massive number of bacteria in this killed her and made several other dogs dangerously ill.

This could only have ended up on these beaches if it was discarded from a passing vessel. Our dog died a horrible death. It was also very costly– the xray and emergency operation cost us close to £1,000.

More importantly, my daughter, who (when not at school) was virtually never apart from Zanzi, is distraught.

Pretty sad stuff considering the recent news posted about a Maersk Line vessel carrying palm oil busted for illegally cleaning their tanks near the UK

I don’t know about you, but I have a dog and this news really puts things in perspective and gives good reason why we have environmental regulations in place.

Will palm oil really kill a dog or does it have to be contaminated palm oil ?

Do you believe everything you read in email?

You mean the king of Nigeria doesn’t really want to give me 10 thousand rupees?