Outside towing Mate looking to move into harbor

I’ll take your word for it Cap because I’ve never done it.

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Harbor assist gets paid less than tug boats? Are these harbor assist boats you speak of not tugboats ?


500 tn 1600tn inland ,oceans, dodads ,gold jacket green jackets doesn’t really matter , as long as you can get the eprib and in the life raft if she goes down, and you can get the sailing vessel to the dock without wind . 250ft barge 400ft barge , barge is a barge just a damn barge .

What makes you assume that?

I’m not assuming. It’s the payscale. Plus tow boats is a hell of lot harder and more versatile. Alot of people on here get pissed if you post pay, i can tell you just about any pay for any company inland, it’s a market.

I can assure you the west coast ship assist contracts would surprise you. I have worked gulf on OSV and have talked to ICW tugboaters. The pay is terribly lopsided to the left coast, also the work rules included with a union contract help.

Tow boating may be harder but I guarantee assist tug boaters do better than most. We can thank the unions for that.


The more accurate pay scale information the better. Keeping accurate pay information a secret only helps the gyppo employers. It hurts mariners.


I don’t think anyone gets pissed if we discuss pay. What different supply boat companies were paying used to be a common topic.