Vane laid off 60 more and tied more boats up… this is more than just weeding out the bad people


I know for a fact that Crowley’s 750 series ATB’s with their 330,000 bbl barges burn more than an ECO, State Class, or Veteran Class tanker. They exceeded the point of diminishing returns. Those 3 ATBs have 7 year charters as well. The ECO class tanker I’m on only bunkers 450 to 500 MT depending on our run.


Wait. 60 more? In addition to the ones laid off in June?


That’s correct , chesapeake , naticoke and tangier island all tied up , is what I heard .


Are other oil transportation tug and barge companies laying off too, or is it just OSG and Vane?

What happened? Too many electric cars?


That’s what I don’t get. We’re still using oil products at the same pace it’s just doesn’t cost as much. There still should be demand and thus the need to transport the oil products.

Vane may have grown to fast, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell off a few boats soon.


The handy size tankers built at Philly Shipyard must be taking some business away from the large ATBs. How many of those tankers have been delivered so far? 10? How many more are they building?

Is this move from ATBs to tankers going to continue?

The newly permitted export of US oil is sending around 600,000 bbl / day overseas on foreign flag ships. That’s expected to increase to around 800,000 bbl / day. ATBs must be losing the opportunity to transport that oil to US refineries. Every barrel exported Is replaced by a barrel imported. US oil imports are what —around 2.5 million barrels / day?

It appears that ATBs have been overbuilt.

I cannot understand how Harley is growing so fast and building so many ATBs. I see that Harley is still advertising, but I hear that they have had a few layoffs too. They always have more than their share of turnover.


FYI: https://www.ft.com/content/96df15aa-65b7-11e7-8526-7b38dcaef614

Some of it MAY return as Gasoline, or other products??: http://gcaptain.com/gasoline-exports-surge-china/


Crowley has taken delivery of 4 Aker build ships. Kinder Morgan under is shipping company American Petroleum Tankers has taken delivery of 8 new ships in the last 2 years (with 1 still being finished), along with purchasing the 5 state class ships from Blackstone back in 2014 and 2 Veteran class ships from Crowley. They went from having no ships to having the largest Jones Act tanker fleet in a matter of three years. Rumor through the grapevine was they might be looking at building bigger tankers as well. Even still there has been 13 tankers built and delivered in the last 4 years.


Heard a rumor sause let some people go recently.


After the last few years of them aggressively putting up job postings and never hearing of anyone getting an interview with them in response from applying, I personally know someone who just got hired by them…office position though.


Isn’t Crowley managing the Kinder Morgan tankers? Are they AMO/SIU? 13 ships is what, 50% of the US tanker fleet, and 20% of all commercially owned US flag deep draft ships? Even with smaller crews that’s quite a few new union jobs.

How many tankers did Crowley keep? Are they building more?

Is anyone else building more tankers?


PIC with an unlimited license is the golden ticket these days. I wish I had a way of getting a PIC…


Yeah I heard you can go to Crowley and just pump ballest for almost 500 a day


Crowley is managing the Tankers for Kinder Morgan. All the ships are AMO/SIU. Crowley kept 4 tankers for themselves. We run a crew of 22 on the tankers. There is one more ship due to be delivered from Aker. Then the current build cycle is done for tankers. No one else has any tankers on the books yet. Capt_Phoenix is right, unlimited license with PIC is key, the golden ticket is if you are a senior officer. I know Crowley is hurting bad for senior officers.


If they’d provide training to existing officers from other sectors they wouldn’t be hurting quite so bad.


But that would take money out of Joe’s pocket.


Crowley does allow PIC observers on their ships to get their time, loads and discharges before being assigned to a ship.


Guess you have to know how to hold the pole right then…


Well you can’t say Vane flooded the ATB market! My guess that’s a big reason they’re struggling. The big dogs want ATBs which are safer and Vane has poor riding, not very capable (offshore) tugs and they tow small barges. Good for rivers and bays, not so much while offshore.

How old is OSGs equipment? Sounds like they may need some new builds.